Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Intruders in disconnection

Waking up, it was all a bad dream. A dream like the others, leaving behind a strong impression.

Stop hurting the ones that actually care about you, get real. Stop the destruction. Stop wasting their time. Stop wasting your time. Stop taking choices, when you already know it'll be at the expense of people close to you. It's all part of coming of age. Self-inflicted and simultaneously a process of devolution reflected in todays society.

Happy Birthday. Lump in our throats. But of different origin. Me, I'm actually coughing since waking up. I hear it, voice is trembling, but in outbursts of anger, which is better - of course.
I'll do anything to make things right. But do I?

You don't get to decide if you're being a jerk or not. It's the feedback you get. Sure, it's your decision if you actually appreciate the person that it's coming from. Whatever keeps you going. That's truth enough for me.

Put in a nutshell, I guess Louis cuts to the chase best, straightforward as usual.


Louis CK, Source: Youtube

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